Oztagg Electrical Testing

3 Phase Course

Course Type: Advanced Test & Tag 3 Phase Course


Course Fees: $220 incl. GST

Course Location(s):

Newcastle and Parramatta

Course Dates 2021:

Newcastle:   Tuesday 12th October 2021, Tuesday 14th December 2021

Parramatta:  Friday 8th October 2021, Friday 10th November 2021

Course Times:                                                                                    

4 hours approximately

Course Details

Advance Test & Tag Course incorporating testing 415 volt 3 Phase Electrical equipment and extension leads.

Testing 3 Phase equipment is a more specialised area than testing your normal single phase appliances.

It is a prerequisite of this training course that all candidates have attended a RECOGNISED training course and been issued a “Statement of Attainment” from the unit of competency “UEENEE026A” Conduct In-Service testing of Electrical Cord Assemblies and Cord Connected Equipment, or equivalent (UEENEEP008B) NO EXCEPTIONS.

Approved by the NSW Office of Fair Trading to earn 3 CPD points.

The purpose of this course is to allow those who have successfully completed an electrical testing and tagging course to acquire the knowledge and skills required to test 3 phase equipment in a variety of ways using different testing equipment.

The duration of the course is approximately 4 hours including an assessment. During the course you will be required to test 3 phase equipment and a 3 phase extension lead.

The course covers:

  • Advanced Test & Tag Course
  • Basic 3 Phase Theory
  • 3 Phase Circuits
  • Single Phase versus 3 Phase
  • Contactors & Relays in 3 Phase Equipment
  • Types of testing equipment
  • Testing 3 Phase equipment
  • Testing 3 Phase RCDs
  • All tools, materials and an instruction manual are supplied.

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